Nepali Film – ATM (2013)

UPDATE ** We found the full movie available in YouTube ** (we are not sure if the uploads are official uploads or not)

Nepali movie ATM is considered one of the most controversial movies of all time. It was rejected by the censor board and was later banned when few of the censored scenes weren’t removed from the movie. The film makers fight against the government decision in court. The court ultimately let it release to the public and was released on July 26, 2013.


The main actresses in the movie, Jiya KC, Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma became famous because of dialogues they delivered in the highly controversial trailer of the movie.

Movie Profile

  • Nepali movie - ATM
  • Release date - July 26, 2013 (Second time)
  • Release date - November 2012 (Banned after two shows)
  • Starring - Dinesh Thapa, Jiya KC, Sonia Sharma, Sabina Karki
  • Director - Yadav Silwal
  • Cinematographer - Ratna Karki
  • Music composer - Santosh Pragad
  • Producer - Kushma Budhathoki
  • Banner - D’ Films
  • Editor - Dawa Sherpa
  • Choreographer - Kabiraj Gahatraj
  • Action - Shankar Mharjan
  • Background Score - Sanjay Shrestha
  • Script / Dialogue - Nischal Shrestha
  • Lyrics - Shankar Adhikari Ghayal
  • Co-producer - Rohit Thapa, Sofiya Thapa
  • Distributor - Mohan Singh Thakuri
  • Story - Dinesh Thapa
  • Post Production - Echo Media
  • Presentation of - Dinesh Thapa

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Flood of sex-themed films in Nepali film industry

A lot of sex-themed films are being made in Nepali film industry lately. ‘Palpalma’ started the trend and ‘Chapali Height‘ became the biggest success in such a movie. Following their foot steps, increasing number of films are being made on sex-theme. Here are some examples of latest movies made on such theme:


Movie namestory theme

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Jiya KC – Bhuwan found the sweetheart, younger than his daughter

**disclaimer** This is unconfirmed rumor and we can’t take any responsibility of the accuracy of the report!

Our superstar Bhuwan KC should be feeling lucky for being able to rope a sexy young actress, Jiya KC. Jiya is the controversial actress who made her name by bad-mouthing and offering other scenes that were never seen before Nepali movies. Jiya’s movie ‘ATM‘ was banned immediately after release for failing to remove objectionable scenes in the movie.


If latest rumors are to be believed, she was apparently practicing the scenes in the movie with Bhuwan KC who used to pick her up from the sets. Although Bhuwan had no roles in ‘ATM’ he was often seen in the sets picking up the actress.

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ATM tried to cheat the Censor Board, banned after second show

The most controversial movie of Nepali film industry, ATM, had tried to cheat the Censor Board by releasing the unedited version of the movie on Friday, Nov 23. The cheating attempt was caught early and the movie was banned from theaters after the second show of the day.


The movie criticized for excessive sexually explicit contents and dialogue rejected by the censor board previously. Many scenes were reshot and the censor board had directed to remove some scenes before giving an ‘A’ certificate – meaning not suitable for children under 16-years old. But, when the movie was released, the censored scenes were intact.

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Hot scenes of ATM being shot again

The shooting of the controversial movie ‘ATM’ has started again after Censor Board rejected almost one fifth of scenes in the movie. It was not only Censor Board, the public and critics had been highly critical of it’s trailer released ‘unofficially’ in YouTube.


ATM‘ is directed by Yadav Silwal and is produced by Dinesh Thapa. The producer Dinesh Thapa is also the lead actor in the movie. The actresses include Jiya KC, Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma.

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Jiya KC to be featured in ‘Gigolo’

A Nepali movie to be made on male prostitute and named ‘Gigolo’ will feature the controversial actress Jiya KC. Jiya was dragged in controversy over the promo of her movie ‘ATM‘.


After much protest, the production unit was forced to remove the promo from YouTube and apologize on it being sexually aggressive. Later, the censor board had removed 20% of the scenes from the movie because of the sexual nature of the scenes.

Actress Jiya believes that the movie was victimized and her role in the upcoming ‘Gigolo’ is also expected to be similar in nature.

Jiya KC – no sex yet

Actress Jiya KC, while talking to a weekly about sex told that, sex is one of the most important diet of a living being. She added, "Life without sex can’t be imagined."


Jiya KC is one of the controversial actresses in an upcoming movie ‘ATM‘. The movie was much criticized for excessive kiss and sex scenes and explicit dialogues.

In a question on if she had an sexual encounter, Jiya replied, "No, I have never had sex yet." Well, that was not an invitation. Jiya added, "I have saved the experience for the time after marriage." Jiya also believes masturbation is the best practice to relieve sexual desires, although she doesn’t admit trying it either.

Although she denied any sexual encounters, Jiya told that she believes sex is an integral part in love and relationship. Jiya added, "Sex helps deepen love."

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ATM’s promo crosses the ‘Lakshman rekha’

atm_icecream_lickA new Nepali movie named ‘ATM’ has been criticized for vulgar dialogues and sex scenes. Very intimate kissing scenes, suggestive dialogues and scenes including an actress grabbing crotch of a male actor and an actor grabbing the breast of an female actress are some of the visuals in the promotion video that the Nepali society can’t easily digest.

If the promotion video were censored by the censor board of Nepal, all the scenes would have been deleted before it were allowed to be released in public. But, as only the movie is censored before it is screened in theaters, the promo is widely available in internet and the censor board is only an onlooker in this case.