Binita and Sabin to do ‘Fullstop’

The director Kamalkrishna (‘Rawan’ fame) has recently finished the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Barshat’ featuring Sabin Shrestha and Rekha Thapa in lead roles. The next movie of the new director is going to be named ‘Full Stop’ and will repeat Sabin Shrestha but the lead actress will be the Chapali Girl, Binita Baral.


The suspense thriller movie ‘Full Stop’ will feature the director Kamalkrishna’s music. The shooting of the new movie will start on the last week of Baisakh.

Rekha Thapa’s favorite role in movies

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa is considered one of the top actress in Nepali movie sector. She has acted in more than 100 movies and she has acted in different roles in them. She has acted in the roles of housewife, lover, leader, police woman, sister, action, sissy girl, teenager, matured woman and likes. Out of them, her favorite role is the role of a lover girl.

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In a talk with Sourya Daily, Rekha told that she wants to be a lover in real life and being in love has a sweet feeling inside. In movies, viewers love the scenes featuring frustration related to love and love stories. If given a choice, Rekha chooses role of a lover in any movie she does.


She also told that she feels comfortable doing roles of a teenager. As she has passed that stage, she understand every aspects of being a teenager.

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Rekha’s Rawan to be released in New Year 2069

Rekha Film’s sixth movie featuring Rekha Thapa in leading role is going to be released for the New Year, 2069 on Chaitra 27th.


Guna Cinema’s presentation, Rawan, is directed by Kamal Krishna and is told to be a female centric movie and made on the usual formula of love, action, revenge and music. Produced by Dijendra Shakya with Rekha’s husband Chhabiraj Ojha as executive producer, the movie is expected to do well because of being the movie of Rekha Thapa.