Jiya KC – no sex yet

Actress Jiya KC, while talking to a weekly about sex told that, sex is one of the most important diet of a living being. She added, "Life without sex can’t be imagined."


Jiya KC is one of the controversial actresses in an upcoming movie ‘ATM‘. The movie was much criticized for excessive kiss and sex scenes and explicit dialogues.

In a question on if she had an sexual encounter, Jiya replied, "No, I have never had sex yet." Well, that was not an invitation. Jiya added, "I have saved the experience for the time after marriage." Jiya also believes masturbation is the best practice to relieve sexual desires, although she doesn’t admit trying it either.

Although she denied any sexual encounters, Jiya told that she believes sex is an integral part in love and relationship. Jiya added, "Sex helps deepen love."

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Babita Roja Dhakal has seen a Nepali blue film

Have you seen a Nepali blue film? Well, Babita Roja Dhakal, the lead actress of the movie, "The Last Kiss" has seen some. In an interview for an online magazine asking if she has seen blue films, Babita replied that she has seen some Nepali ones.

Babita told that she finds her breasts sexy and claims that her friends also say so. Talking about her boyfriend, Babita told that although they have kissed they have yet to have sex.


In her Nepali movie ‘The Last Kiss’ Babita had done some hot scenes including lip-locking scenes. Atteched below is the trailer of the movie "The Last Kiss" to give you an idea of what type of the movie it was. According to a review, there is no need to go to watch the movie after watching the trailer.

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ATM’s promo crosses the ‘Lakshman rekha’

atm_icecream_lickA new Nepali movie named ‘ATM’ has been criticized for vulgar dialogues and sex scenes. Very intimate kissing scenes, suggestive dialogues and scenes including an actress grabbing crotch of a male actor and an actor grabbing the breast of an female actress are some of the visuals in the promotion video that the Nepali society can’t easily digest.

If the promotion video were censored by the censor board of Nepal, all the scenes would have been deleted before it were allowed to be released in public. But, as only the movie is censored before it is screened in theaters, the promo is widely available in internet and the censor board is only an onlooker in this case.


Sirjana Subba – making fool of us?

These days journalists are so obsessed with sex that every artists needs to be well prepared to answer such question.

The owner of Bhatti in ‘Loot’ Sirjana Subba was also asked the same question and she told that physical relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend should be taken as a normal behaviour.


That was good thoughts. While answering another question she admitted having a boyfriend for the last three years. But, her claim that she is still a virgin, sounds contrasting to her own principle. 


Is Sirjana making fool of us? Or, is she trying to fool herself? Or, is it her parents and family members that she is afraid of?


Chapali Height is about slut and studd – Binita Baral

Chapali girl Binita explained to the ‘rumors and gossips’ about her debut movie being nothing but sex. She told that it is about "millions of sexually exploited Nepali women" and about a girl who sleeps with more than one man.

After reading the statement, it seems she want to enforce the fact that the movie is only about sex and nothing else. Read the full statement and decide for yourself.


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Quotes – Anju Pant defines sex

Nepali singer Anju Pant is known for her sweet voice and the feelings that she impregnates in her voice. Anju defines sex as a God gift. She says, "In my view, sex is an incarnation of love. Sex is a huge gift of God."

Anju adds, "Sex is a gift to your lover, a tool to continue our future generation and a tool to keep your relationship strong."


Samjhana Budhathoki loves sex in different positions

One more interview filled with sex is published in Sukharbar.

If you don’t know, the popular model and dancer Samjhana Budhathoki has announced that she loves sex in different positions. She is also open for sex as she can’t think of life without sex. Samjhana is also positive in oral sex and she is open to do whatever position she feel satisfied with.

samjhana budhathoki (2)

Doesn’t it feel more like and advertisement – a sex advertisement – than an interview? Whatever it is, it sure is one more addition to the flood of sex interviews being published these days. Read it whole and decide yourself:

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Sexy talk – Interview trend for female artists ?

These days every model, actress is talking about sex and blue films. It seems, the interviewer think sex sells and they press on the female they interview to talk on sex related topics.

For example, in the latest edition of Sukrabar, Priyanka Karki is asked six questions and every question has the word ‘sex’ in it (actually the last question doesn’t have the word ‘sex’ but, it still has word ‘position’). Priyanka has answered all the question with ease and enthusiasm.

Then I looked in the other interviews published in the Movies Nepal – almost every interviews in the first page had ‘sex’ in the title (see the screenshot below).

There is an interview with model Etna Karki, who watches blue films to be fresh.

Then, there is an interview with model Baby Thapa. The bold model is known to like sex, smoking  and drinking and she was also asked a few questions about sex and she had expressed her preference to sex.

Another interview with item dance, actress and model Sushma Karki was asked about sex and she answered sex is nothing special, it’s normal these days.

Then another interview with actress Suvekshya Thapa has the title that says, ‘sex is a natural gift’.

Among those interviews with female artists in the first page of the category page, the only actress/model who is not asked a ‘sex’ question is Namrata Shrestha. I guess, that might be because everybody knows her preferences and there is nothing else to know about.